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Believe it or not, there are people who are gay and are embarrassed to talk about who they are because apparently society thinks their entire existence is a joke.

No they're not, that was never stated. Tamlyn tomita nude pics. If Tien and Chiaotzu were to be openly together, their queerness would be immediately visible because Chiaotzu does not look or act human. Grid View List View. Dragon ball z lesbian. Also Kale in her rage mode. Piccolo Piccolo 1 year ago 4 Actually yes I'm fine with it and toei makes it seem like they are.

More topics from this board He has his brain and soul since he used to be human. GT just treated every character who wasn't Goku or Pan like trash. Goku exists in a state of partial asexuality—though more to comment on his purity than to ever suggest he is queer. Kale is definitely the housewife in this scenario. Shaved twink pictures. Zen'o is more powerful than him. Super doesn't stay to DBZ's original roots at all.

Once this saga's over I'm going to write a review on why this saga is such a let down and why even GT is better than this.

Try for free today. Edited by Fankid The villains were impressive with their unique concept and design, including their powers. Not to be mean, or be bad to Ben, but he has a history of it http: Thank you for sharing this information!

So is yours that there's such a thing as "canon" as an absolute term. He might let one extra universe survive. Edited by Stryzzar That's not something you get to define. I'm not gonna talk about GT plotholes because those are super well-known here.

Please either enable it in your browser options, or visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor. Yeah it's gonna be so fun to come back here when they link the Peaceful World saga with the end of Super. I knew from the moment I read the title to this discussion board that eventually it would come to the damn debate of canon. GT's characters were either one-note and forgettable, or unoriginal and redoing what had already been done.

You can defend it blindly and attack this blogger all you want but that would be just choosing to deny such obvious issues. Darcy donavan nude pics. Locate your self then reblog. Regardless, Super isn't canon.

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This debate though is anything from friendly, civil, and healthy. You could have made a decent blog here by familiarizing yourself with dragon ball before talking shit about it.

Cabba, Caulifla, and Kale are one-dimesional characters because they are one underdeveloped and two are also stereotypes.

No you did not, you said canons can revolve around different canons, which does nothing, that doesn't devalue Super from being the Main canon, especially since there is no confirmed canon connections to it right now. Sexy nude comics. In this set of images, to be gay is something you want to get rid of in yourself. I liked the duration of the fights better in GT than Super, with the exception of the Goku vs Jiren fight, the length perfectly fit the episodes, minutes in length. Dragon ball z lesbian. There is nothing "stupid" here just an good and healthy conversation between DB fans, there is nothing worng to talk about DB GT and Super and analize if they are canon or not.

She went through the same really cliched shy girl becomes willing to stand up for herself plot. You do realize I am on your side right? I already added a note about this arc.

I agree that nothing is perfect, but to sit around and say that we cannot make change is to accept injustice. And Nuova Shenron doesn't count. The rest of us won't really give a crap, because we don't believe one story being canon to another affects either of them, in terms of quality.

Kale and Caulifla are basically an idolized female character that every one wants, not to mention, just using what people of the community think of them, since a majority hate them and call them that. Free Trial at commun. London naked bike ride tumblr. That's not out of character. I know you are saying Ben was wrong about them not being popular. Caulifla is also too arrogant to be a Mary Sue, she is not an idealized character, nor is she in any way perfect. Someone should also teach people what the word "retcon" means. Even if they borrowed some ideas, they changed enough of that to make it feel like its own thing, and overall the tone and pacing of slowly reveling the mystery was done well enough.

Super Saiyan 4 was more creative than the God forms, I'll give it that. Trivia on Bulla's article explains that her date of birth was "changed" euphemism for "blatantly disregarded by Super", I'm guessingas she was not born when she should've been in Super. Add in the concept of positive energy, and make it so forms lessen the time limit of metamorn fusion while you're at it Goku.

Seems like a one sided relationship to me. Edited by BH Ouji That's not even bloody. Tits and ass galleries. The latest Ep it seems Kale has more of a fear of abandonment or fear of failure then a jealousy problem. The special cases are Goku and Piccolo. Seriously you want to say their is nothing stupid about a debate that I have seen enough times to know that it doesn't end well. However, I was quite wrong in that second statement. At least Kale is.

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Im sorry but your Dragon ball blog just plain infuriates me. I do agree the Saiyan ladies could have more depth and backstory, but that's not directly tied with character development. She was liked just how she is, a brash, reckless, impulsive female Saiyan warrior. Is Dragon Ball Super an anime? Wow really SuperBen name calling this is exactly why I called the canon debate stupid. Even the deaths from GT are lame, they literally kill enemies from behind, that machine guy that turns into a whip got killed by getting blasted in the back by Trunks.

And before you give me the "mortal levels are to measure life" crap, lemme tell you that power levels tend to measure ki as well, and ki is basically life force. What does white slut even mean? This YTber theorized that Grand Priest wants to kill Zen'o or something, and maybe establish angels as the governing race.

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