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Camel clutch females

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The wrestler stands behind his opponent and bends him backwards. In this hold a wrestler who is facing away from an opponent wraps their arm around the neck of an opponent.

This typically starts with the opponent on his back, and the wrestler standing and facing him. Thick naked pussy. Camel clutch females. The wrestler bends the opponent down so they are bent facing in front on the wrestler's body.

On the Steve Austin Show Unleashed Podcast, George Scott was credited by Ric Flair as the person who came up with the idea that to reverse the figure-four leglock, the opponent would simply turn over onto their stomach. The wrestler then grabs hold of the wrist of that arm and pulls it upwards, causing hyper extension of the shoulder and elbow. Nikki camel clutch on VH 3. The attacking wrestler stands behind the opponent who is either sitting or lying face down, they pull the opponent into an inverted facelockoften hooking the opponent's near arm with their free arm.

Then, the wrestler moves slightly to the left while still positioned in front of the opponent. Daniel Bryan 's Yes Lock is performed from the omoplata position, which also puts pressure on the trapped arm. Login or sign up. Curvy nude girls tumblr. From behind a seated opponent, the wrestler grabs one of the opponent's elbows and pulls it up and backward toward himself. Another version of a surfboard which is known as a "seated surfboard stretch" but referred to as a "modified surfboard stretch", most often applied by a standing wrestler against a prone opponent—but may also be applied by a seated wrestler or against a seated or kneeling opponent—sees the wrestler grasp both of his opponent's wrists, while placing their foot or knee on the opponent's upper back, pulling back on the arms to compress the opponent's shoulder blades.

Short for "stepover toehold sleeper", this hold is a modified version of an STF in which the wrestler wraps his arm around the neck of the opponent in a sleeper hold instead of pulling back on the head of the opponent. The attacker pulls up with their arm while forcing the victim's wrist down with their leg, and applying pressure to the victim's elbow. Also known as "Neck Wrench", the wrestler faces his opponent who is bent over. Camel Clutch Compilation vol 1 In all three variations, from behind his opponent, the wrestler slips either one or both arms underneath the opponent's armpits and locks his hands behind his neck, pushing the opponent's head forward against his chest.

The wrestler approaches a prone opponent facing down, lying down on his stomach. Archived from the original on February 18, Camel Clutches comp The wrestler kneels on his opponent's back with both knees, hooking the head with one arm and the legs with the other.

Camel clutch females

Usually executed from a " rubber guard ," where the legs are held very high, against the opponent's upper back. While the move is primarily a submission move, if the opponent has his shoulders on the mat, the referee can make a three count for a pinfall. The standing attacking wrestler grabs the wrist of a face down opponent, pulling it towards themselves, the attacker then steps over the opponents outstretched arm placing one leg either side. The wrestler may release the hold in mid-air or simply slow until the back of the opponent returns to the ground.

Another variant performed by Dana Brooke is done in a handstand position while she chokes the opponent with one foot. This hold applies pressure on the temples, the calves, and compresses the spine.

The attacking wrestler tucks their opponent's head underneath his armpit and wraps his arm around the neck so that the forearm is pressed against the throat. The wrestler darts his hand under an opponent's chin and grabs a hold of a pressure point above the throat, squeezing the nerve. Betty page lesbian. The wrestler grabs any of the opponent's arms, and pulls it to his back this would result the arm to be bent behind the opponent's back.

This is a crossface combined with a scissored armbar. This can also can be a transition hold for counterattacks that see the wrestler who is being wheelbarrowed hit many throws and drops like a DDT or a bulldog and rolling pin combinations.

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That means you now have access to everything the subscription has to offer. Hot round ass nude. This technique is also known as a single chickenwing hammerlock or a double wrist lock. No, it was a mistake Yes I'm sure. The Pornhub team is always updating and adding more porn videos every day.

While the hold applies pressure to the knee, it actually can be very painful to the shin of the victim. The wrestler then locks his hand to his wrist behind the opponent's neck to make the opponent submit or lose consciousness as the carotid artery is cut off.

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From here many throwsdrops and slams can be performed. The maneuver can be used as an uncommon submission maneuver, such as used by Braun Strowmanor a transitioning hold, usually to fall backwards into an arm triangle reverse STO.

In many cases, the wrestler will drop to the mat and lock the opponent in a bodyscissor lock to make escape even more difficult. The wrestler executing the move will step between his opponent's legs, grab both of them, and twist them into a knot around their leg.

The wrestler has one arm free, which can be used for balance. The attacking wrestler can then arch backwards, pulling the opponent's head forward and thus applying extra pressure on the neck.

The neck is squeezed inside the arm very tightly. The wrestler then wraps his free arm under the opponent's chin, like in a sleeper hold, puts his other arm through the arch created by the opponent's trapped arm, and locks his hands. Archived from the original on This hold is unique in that it can be used as a sleeper like submission or, should the "unconscious" opponent end up lying on his back, a pinfall.

This move sees the attacker kneel behind a sitting opponent and wrap around one arm under the opponent's chin and lock their hands. Black girl getting fucked by big black dick. Camel clutch females. Another version of the move is similar to a wheelbarrow facebuster but instead illegally pulls the hair of the opponent while leaning back to pull up the opponent's head and neck.

This variation of the cloverleaf sees the wrestler, after crossing one of the opponents legs over the other in a figure four shape, lock the over leg behind their near knee before placing the straight leg under their armpit and turning over. The wrestler hooks each of the opponent's legs in one of his arms, and then turns the opponent face-down, stepping over him in the process.

The nelson hold in professional wrestling usually takes the form of the full nelson, half nelson, or three-quarter nelson. A wrestler can repeatedly step over the leg and round again to twist the knee, and ankle joint even more. He reaches down to pull the opposing wrestler up slightly, sits on his back, and places both of his opponents' arms across his thighs, usually locking at least one by placing the arm in the crook of his knee. The maneuver's invention is credited to Barry Darsowwho was the person who gave it its name.

This would result in the opponent's arm to be shaped into a 4. Archived from the original on February 18, Lance Storm also performs this move with both versions including the regular boston crab and single-leg boston crab. Login or Sign Up now to post a comment! The move is performed in several ways, usually involving the wrestler trapping one of the opponent's arms.

Sometimes called a "flying figure-four", the opponent is either downed or standing next to one of the ring corner posts. Fat naked yoga. We're always working towards adding more features that will keep your love for porno alive and well. The attacking wrestler traps one of the prone opponent's arms in their legs, wraps the opponents other arm under the attackers shoulder and then applies the crossface. The move was invented by Dory Funk, Jr. Also known as an "arm-trap half nelson sleeper", the wrestler stands behind the opponent and uses one arm to place the opponent in a half nelson.

You're such a big Fan that you actually wanted to sign up a 2nd time. Retrieved from " https: With the opponent hung over the second rope, facing the outside of the ring, the attacking wrestler hooks their left or right leg over the back of the opponent's neck.

A rope-hung move sees the opponent trapped either over the top rope or between the top and second rope.

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The ringpost assists the move, creating more damage and leverage to the opponent's knee. The wrestler then reaches over and grabs the opponent's far leg and places it on top of the trapped foot of the opponent. Home made xnxx. Camel Clutch Domination 1. Porn japan big tit This move commonly sees an attacking wrestler dive over an opponent who is facing them, usually bent over forwards, catching the opponent in a waistlock from behind and landing back-first behind the opponent.

The wrestler kneels on his opponent's back with both knees, hooking the head with one arm and the legs with the other. While applying the pressure to the legs, the wrestler executing the move has a variety of positions he can be in; however, the two most common involve a wrestler standing and leaning back while applying the move or sitting on their opponents' back.

The wrestler then grabs the free ankle and places that ankle between his thighs. This is a crossface combined with a scissored armbar.

The hold compresses the legs, flexes the spine, and stretches the abdomen. The wrestler then pulls upwards, forcing their forearm into the opponent's throat and choking them.

Sami Zayn uses this move. Camel clutch females. Please check back again in the future when you can become a Fan. Camel clutch views. The wrestler then places his own spare arm under the other hand and over the opponent's back to lock in the hold, compressing the opponent's neck.

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Hijab sexy tumblr In this toe hold maneuver, a wrestler will grab the opponent's foot and lift their leg off the ground. Then places the opponents far leg in the knee-pit of the near leg, finishing the submission by putting the opponents ankle on top of his own ankle and rolling both onto their bellies and pushing back with the wrestler's knees. It is a neutral move, but it easily transitions for either wrestler to a position of dominance.
Chubby old tits It became a popular technique for larger and stronger wrestlers as the lift is seen to emphasize their height and power.
KENNETH MEDRANO NAKED He is situated perpendicular to and behind the opponent.

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