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I don't think he's being provocative. Lesbian foot porn pics. Now we are back to the fun that these threads used to be.

Jon has deleted all the comments about Luke and Clement in his last IG pic. Alejandra alonso nude. R72 'Bad Boy' is back. It goes something like this Jesus Christ all the hot men are coupled there! Why do you think it was Luke who started it all if there was something Jon looks amazing in the behind the scenes of Details but Clement's smile is just so sweet and gorgeous!

Luca 's looks nice! The two are not connected. Jon liked this quote. It seems Luke regrets having broken up with Jon. Interesting that Beck has not been with Juan for past week, he's been hanging out with Jon at these events. I posted R,in the wrong threadsorry. Carla, you're so amazing at figuring things out!

Either way, I don't pay attention nor do I respond to trolls. Calabar girls fuck. Jon was in a relationship [ LTR ] with Alf for a long time and now that it's overfor whatever reason and who's fault it was we will never knowhe miss it. Jeez, now i can sleep at night!! I totally agree I only know Latin and Italian so I'm practising my Spanish by reading the articles and listening to the interviews and of course satisfying my obsession for JK; but writing and speaking would otherwise expose me: Do you know where 'home' for Jon is these days and why don't you like DD?

I miss vacationing Jon! It isn't that Jon wanted to go public, like we first thought. I really wish we could see more of the uber-hot pics with the awesome bed hair like the one below. Jon traveling to Puglia - Italia. Barbara Guillaume liked this pic R R Luke has no style or wordly flair or that authentic cool quality that comes naturally to some people.

R95, Jon was probably so in love with the bastard and stayed hoping that things will change. People are speculating they area new couple. Seems like you just want to blame Luke no matter what At last Jon and Clem have reunited and it feels so good. People is not very happy with Luke there They seem incredibly close. Another one on board the boat. Rthis is for yougorgeous!!!

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Are we shipping them yet. They are going on a road trip. Men masturbating tumblr. R R Jon was dating Alfonso at the time.

The story is not completely baseless i think. He found a replacement for Jon before they even broke up! To think that you do is being delusional. He will let us know im sure. And Clement looks fantastic in his glasses.

Alf enjoyed Jon at his best!!!

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He seems to be the type of person who self reflects and self analyzes which is the smart thing to do. Here is my theoryeither there 's something going on with Clement and he doesn't want ppl to talk yet OR Clement is straight and doesn't want ppl connecting them together, that wayfor Clement's sake.

NopeDaniel is not with Alf! He calls Sua his child and says he's every year on the Balearic islands currently Menorca where he and Jon used to vacation together?

What is this guys name? Jon was way out of Luke's league. Before this I don't think jon and clement were close friends. Alejandra alonso nude. Lynda leigh tits. Ladies, Jon is not with Luca so you can stop now One big party after another! R I am obsessed with Peter. I wish and hope that Jon and Clement are a couple. R I don't think so, Jon walked for Chanel in Versailles show but usually 30 years old male models don't walk the runway at Milan, Paris, New York fashion weeks.

Instalove is just a generic hashtag people use. Talking about breakfast in bed and then the waiting for you message. Would you therefore label gay men who do both "versa"? I think these two can't get enough of Jon!! Look at Jon looking at Clement! On the way to Valentino's bout. You are obsessed with Clementaren't you R? It's Clement's voice, he's speaking spanish with French accent.

And what does AB have to do with that article? R, If something went down between the photographer and LEi betJon now knows off first hand what really happened. If sothere were lots more pics and i wish they would post them again on this account. Tube porn big tits. Jon liked this pic. Maybe this is why jon has decided not to post pictures with clement. And with long hair, Lucca is sooooo handsome!!!! R72 'Bad Boy' is back. Don't know if he spotted Jon in the corner or cares, tbh.

Ez,you still can see it in jonkortajarenaofficial IG. Come on people, need I remind you that if you don't feed the troll she will starve and disappear. He dodged a bullet there! You won't be able to block me this time like five weeks ago - stop insulting Bassave!!! PC has graced us with her presence.

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Nude ass sex pics In photoshop he look oK. Sorry , i've posted the above in the wrong thread!!
Sexy asian girls xxx He doesn't have to be famous for us to ship them. He is do g a lot of post break up raving.
Sexy girls brazzers And why post something so ' provocative '?
Naked jenny scordamaglia R I think the guy that Jon is holding his leg is ninibo17 Nini Bonavoglia , he also was wearing a blue shirt R Look at the shirt of jacoooll in this pic.
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