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Anjali Ramkissoon prepares for her Jersey Shore audition Seriously, see a psychotherapist. Dkfm Shoegaze Radio Worldwide. Nicki minaj dirty pictures. What if most people here were repeating the statement you and I agree with, that she doesn't need to lose her job. Anjali ramkissoon nude. The people calling for her to lose her job just want to "see blood" to satisfy their own outraged sense of justice.

You are commenting using your WordPress. This subreddit is recommended for use with There are many other people, just as intelligent and likely a lot kinder, who could perform her job. So what does she do? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Anjali Ramkissoon added 4 new photos. Much more revealing, however, was the commentary that accompanied many of these cries for her termination from the medical profession—rife with racist slurs and violent rallying for her physical and sexual abuse.

Share on Digg Share. Which is why I'm not saying she doesn't deserve to bear the consequences of her actions, I'm saying that we need to stop the comments which judge her entire life based on one video.

Display was found to be strictly average and so were the viewing angles. Wnba nude photos. The problem is that she is a doctor in training. The internet has done it again. Anjali Ramkissoon attending an endocrinology lecture at her off-shore medical school in the Caribbean The public needs to be warned about her. Hindi Desi Bollywood Evergreen Hits. Also, if your friends are seeing the world's reaction to your bad behavior and whining " That's so unfair!!!

I was thinking of doing something similar, you said it very well and this is a huge problem in our society. I think vandalism, attempted assault and assault charges could be brought against her. It should be for documentation purposes. Anjali Ramkissoon Welcome to the public warning web site for Dr. She was a vixen when she went to school. Gina wild tits. Can Jackson Health System fire fourth-year neurology resident?

What if we find out that she volunteers to help poor children or maybe she has a soft spot for animals and cares for them? Uber Attacker Must-See Pictures. The Daily Mail London: The last known photograph of Dr. Give her everything she demands because if you're already seeing her because she's a neurologist, the last thing you need is another brain injury. Anjali Ramkissoon was looking for fun. According to her voter records Ramkissoon is 30 years old and living in the Miami area.

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Muddy waters have become even muddier, and the phenomenon of viral sharing has rendered them almost impossible to navigate, all while affirming the golden rule of the Internet: And yes, I agree that internet justice is currently not healthy and we need to change ourselves.

Anjali Ramkissoon, a fourth-year medical resident neurology resident employed by Jackson Health System went crazy on Saturday, Jan 16 and tried to destroy the car of an Uber driver, just 'cos she got high. We told the driver it was ok, to just cancel our ride, but he did not want to take her anywhere so he kept telling her to get out. Sissy beauty tumblr. If anybody brings it up be apologetic and just live her life.

I don't know exactly what you mean by it all, unless you are stating that we can't change the world by our comments? Anjali Ramkissoon girl who thrashed Uber driver's car deserves to lose her Medical License and job are wrong. Zero ambiguity as to her actions in the video. Arguments could be made about her character, alcohol abuse, mental health, etc. This website uses cookies just like every other site since Can Jackson Health System fire fourth-year neurology resident?

Drunk US doctor Anjali attacks Uber driver, suspended. This obviously wasn't just "one bad night" or her first time doing this. Anjali ramkissoon nude. The crux of my argument is: Submit a new link. This goes even farther, women get fired as teachers once nude photos leak, even if they were professional photos from a modeling past for playboy! Anjali Ramkissoon prepares for her Jersey Shore audition Seriously, see a psychotherapist. Nude sex indian videos. There are many other people, just as intelligent and likely a lot kinder, who could perform her job.

We know too that sometimes an innocent person will bear the brunt of mob justice, like with the Reddit manhunt after the Boston Marathon incident. The overall body was made out of plastic and it made no bones to hide that fact.

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In no way do I wish to act as judge. She needs to be punished in a way which makes her a better person. Are you making a point in the conversation of online mobs and mob justice being too harsh? Drinking is never an excuse to act like this. Also, a source tells me that three or four years ago she did the same thing in a bar in Atlanta.

Wednesday, January 27th, was a big day for Anjali Ramkissoon. With her left hand she starts to push his protective arm out of the way.

Brown Girl in a Sports World: Let's face it, part of this mob reaction is that she is a lightning rod for all the guys out there who have felt hard done by while seeing a woman get off scott free for similar action. Also, check this out: Especially for trying to kick the officers.

The Uber driver was too good of a person and decided to take a cash settlement instead of pressing charges. We do need laws which can prevent online bullying in this manner but they have to be well-defined so that they don't end up handicapping the Internet's ability to expose corruption and other illicit activities.

I'd say she's getting the recognition she's earned. Big ass xxx online. If the people involved in the situation chose not to prosecute her for her actions, it is nobody elses business. I like making videos on food and drinks.

Again, from the YouTube description:. If we have more stories like these in mainstream movies and children's books, maybe an entire generation will grow up with more logical thinking despite never having to attend a single lecture on the topic.

The footage, showing Ramkissoon punching, kicking and hurling profanities at the driver, has received hundreds of thousands of views since it was posted to YouTube. To drive people to suicide? On the other hand the internet mobs hates when people get "bullied", especially disadvantaged people like an immigrant cab driver who is trying to survive.

The problem is that she is a doctor in training.

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