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Sexy men comes in all shapes and sized, and with an ass and dick like Davey's, well, you do the math! But most of the time, they both are!: And I also get it that he's kind of disappointed that there are more older guys in bathhouses and that's the reason why he didn't enjoy this experience to the fullest, but I think the clip didn't make the necessary point that everything has its purpose but that doesn't mean that you have to enjoy or like everything and its surroundings.

Is this comic video about gay men and alcohol too close for comfort? If anything, that proves that porn is already diverse. My mom discovered my YouTube channel several years ago and at first she was uncomfortable hearing her son talking about the things I talk about in my videos. Sexy steampunk girls. Davey wavey nude. Wow, R42, you are a mess. BrentCorrigan Also one of my biggest pet peeves about Queerty.

That really is something new! Thanks for sharing, OP. Who the fuck is Davey Wavey? Wow, the pix really are gone gone gone from the interwebs. Well, now we know what all those guys were staring at when Davey went to the bath house.

Josh Jaxton will most likely really love it. If you require further assistance, please email guyspy. And so I did. Flavor of love girls nude. Is that Davey Wavey?! Last week, the year-old 5 Seconds of Summer bassist sent a racy Snapchat to a female fan who then recorded it to the delight of Tumblr gays everywhere.

Davey Wavey January 5, - I would marry Neil Patrick Harris. B His concept seems a little creepy. It was a joke, idiots. If Davey is actually in the porn - and he speaks! The stud also has a penchant for making out with his collabs wether they are gay: I still think he was that commenter. IF he stopped getting rid of his hair he might be hot. How to be a better dater. I'd tap that ass. Looks like Davey was putting on a private show for someone He may not be all that PC in this video but he acts the way any young gay guy probably would.

I do a lot of high intensity interval training as well as free weights. I loooove your films! A friend of mine said that there are some photos floating around on the web showing Davey Wavey wearing a shirt.

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I feel bad for all the female stars and the invasion of their privacy. Black lesbians having strapon sex. Watching people be more sensual on screen is going to somehow make everyday sex more intimate for the viewer? His comes from a very strict Catholic upbringing, but his mother his since come around about his homosexuality. If you ask Jake Bass, professional Cockyboy he'll tell you thats small!

His hair is never quite perfect but his smile and body always is. Dxley Dustin looks good! That might just be what we love about him. He'd be so much hotter with tattoos. R, would you say Brent Corrigan has shark eyes? Yea, you know one of the entries on his blog?

But thanks to some lucky Grindr user we finally have the YouTuber in his full glory. Davey Wavey is on a mission to make the world a sexier place. Also it helps that he has a simply awesome body and we would happily pay to see. How old is DW now? His private bathroom selfies leaked while he was on the show, which means he probably had a line of thirsty men waiting for him on eviction night. Choose which channels you want to receive uncheck all to unsubscribe Gossip.

I actually once had a copy editor "correct" dialogue Glad to see you on here! Clean up your OWN house Davey before you bring your goddamn French maid apron and pink feather duster to mine! Why are these people always apologizing? Here is his review of the East Side Club. Nude pics of malayalam actress. Davey wavey nude. The stud also has a penchant for making out with his collabs wether they are gay: We are a spectrum and saying only hyper masculine men are sexy is limiting and shows a level of discomfort with gayness I believe.

Paco I thought it was odd that a woman was doing the voiceovers for the videos. I'd tap that ass. The voice and the website are awful. Jaxton Porn is prostitution. A moral scold telling me what I should watch, think and feel.

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You were less on your blog. Glad shes looking happier hear. Male celebrity barefoot. Davey is that you?? Is the world of online gay "celebrities" an interesting source of amusement for us normal people?

And stop bumping 2 year old threads for no good reason. Paco Sounds like soft core porn designed for females. How to be a better dater. I kinda wish he'd put some fucking clothes ON. Can't recall ever seeing or reading a single thing about this guy before. I'm guessing his IQ hovers between 80 and Sorry R99, I guess my original link is also dead. I know we do! I enjoy his videos but I do tend to think that people that blow rainbows out of their asses all the time are more trying to convince themselves that they are happy than being happy.

Which is probably one of the reasons why I'm in no way a fan of whatever it is Davey Wavey does with himself. He purchased a condo a few years back that he rents out whiles he's on his adventures.

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Read more hereor check out the list itself, here. I agree with those saying that his voice is too annoying, and I would add so are his attempts at philosophy, but his penis is pretty good. Drunk girl gang fucked. R37, Davey Wavey had a thread that hit ish replies a year or so ago. If you love him as much as we do then that is probably why you are here. Almost all of my really gay talking friends died during the Plague. Davey wavey nude. A Gay Fappening, anyone? And the mystery is over. Dry humping milf I'm dying to see them again. Rex Huskey and who the hell cares?

She grabs his big fat cock and pushes it inside her wet mouth, sucking and stroking it while she replays that hot lesbian scenario in her mind. The last one is Tom, I think?

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