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I 'll post them here. A friend and former fuck buddy who also used to post here a lot regaled me with his early s night s with John Wesley Shipp, and one in particular hours-long rimming butt play session. First time swallow story. R, read R and R for the broadway stories. Not me, but my ex roommate was hustling for a while although he also had a job at a gay housing charity so he was just being a slut who liked the extra cash.

R You know you're on a gay gossip board where people talk shit all day and not teaching the third grade, right? We're like the Brits and Irish about circumcision. Ingo rademacher nude. The next morning as I was leaving, a neighbor of his saw me in the hallway waiting for the elevator and she asked if I was related to him.

I left the room without waking him up. Is that really so surprising? He told me to come in. He had an average sized cut dick, but it was his ass that was most memorable for me.

I I have sex with minors all the time-The police knew it for years as I abused children so they could gather 'evidence. The post might still be in the archive, I'm too lazy to check right now. Well, there was an investigation, I had to be spoken to…and nobody believed that I thought it was just plain clean fun. Straight glory hole locations. Oh, kiss any number of our asses, R I didn't believe him. He's got a beautiful penis! Also, Maharis is a semi closeted conservative. If you've got the money honey he's got the time!

And sadly he wasn't into rubbers back then either. I sucked off Roger Bart twice. He glanced at me several times, and at one point, grinned at me and winked. Even though I find him handsome, he creeped me out a bit. American actress Jennifer Lawrence said, "You look like you're going to do your own circumcision He had really meaty thighs too. Signorile is milder and sweeter in person than he is in print. Cute guy but very closeted. I wish I'd taken him up on it.

Very minimal damage to the cover including scuff marks, but no holes or tears. Negro women nude. This site uses cookies. R Yannick Bisson is the correct answer. I would think talking to him would be quite stimulating. I hooked up with Nick Scotti back when he played the hot ups guy samantha got caught sucking on sex and the city.

He was thoughtful and very thorough.

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Start Free Trial Sign In. No one wants to see my new junk? We stay in touch a few times a year, but not physically anymore. Blowjob 3 girls. Has appeared nude on television. He was smokin' hot. I wanted to say something to him, but was too nervous, so I just stared at him like a puppy dog.

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He had really meaty thighs too. Ingo rademacher nude. Grant Aleksander's big dong. This is a far different tone and type of film than the first two Alex Cross movies were — those were a bit more cerebral and much less action oriented. He motioned for me to get into a cab with him and then turned his head around stared out the back window as it drove away. Robert Conrad has been mentioned.

And for pretty much the whole time, I couldn't stop staring at his ass. Tumblr milf mom. Something about repression and "thou doth protest too much suck my dick" or something like that. I will always love Mo. But since he was hot I kept the charade. I love this thread more more more!!! The guy I hooked up with is popular among teens--female and male--but pretty much unknown by people who don't watch his show.

I fucked a celebrity miner. Graham Norton - "Norton has mentioned his foreskin on his chat show. R That photo seems heavily Photoshopped. There was so much cum, I had no idea what to do. Then he smiled at me. New dildo tumblr. Several celebs who were minors, yes. I guess I know why now. I lived in Philadelphia and didn't hook up with Jerry P, dammit. We've already seen Chris Evans's brother.

I don't believe that someone who was both married to a Kennedy and Helen Lawson would look at the likes of you. And I agree with R about Jim Palmer!! Another football player who played for the Eagles then Redskins, I can 't remember his name,sucked him off on Amtrak,RFK stadium Jeff Garcia closeted when he played for the Eagles going to gay clubs and drinking,at the club in Philly great ass, nice cock,loved getting rimmed,gave great head Prince Edward Edwina,loved getting fucked,swallowed-before she got married Michael Ball-Prince Edward were an item but we weren't supposed to know that when Edwina was working for that show on Broadway i can't remember now!!

Vive le coque Canadienne! We had a nasty falling out afterwards. I've always thought he was hot since seeing him on Oz. Around five minutes later I hear her voice and Max wasn't far behind[.

But we are still kind of distant friends, and I will not fuel gossip about him with a name. Brock O'Hurn John Cena. It was nick scotti. Bernstein is very well known by anyone who is at all interested in Classical music. I dated Sam Reid, an Australian born actor, for about 6 months back in when we were both students in London.

The guy in question is married to a woman and is straight but was going through some marital difficulties at the time. We had some drinks and talked for a few hours. And sadly he wasn't into rubbers back then either. Resume biddingif the page does not update immediately. He told Howard Stern.

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R hints please, and how did it happen. Chris Pine Rob Gronkowski. Hollie winnard nude. Dursley like all Manxmen was uncircumcised. Tumblr nude dinner A nice guy though. Bruno Langley Coronation St. Appears nude and discusses his character's intactness in Walk on Water.

The tape is not the best quality but in parts you can clearly see Lowe and his male friend interacting. Ingo rademacher nude. He was into black bottom guys as well. It is a Canadian show on Disney and there have been rumors about him. He had one ball, and a bad attitude, like he was some celebrity or something.

I was just starting university but wanted to meet some budding journalists and he definitely caught my eye. Colin Farrell talks about being intact - Playboy interview "Farrell talks about If we could see all of Anderson Cooper, standing there with Andy, that would be great. We need more detail OP.

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