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We all jerk off, some of us have to do it everyday, sometimes twice or more! I finished it up only a few minutes before I had to head off to the airport to catch a flight back to Hawaii.

He should be bounced. Dragon ball z lesbian. However, the university did nothing to interfere with or react to the publication of the article, in spite of its inaccurate and libelous nature, its reliance on leaked confidential information, and the threat it created by exposing me to the hostility of other students. Hawaii speedo student. Human remains found at Minnesota farmstead; 2 persons of interest detained. There are reasons for having some rules and he broke them.

If you want to do it, there should be repercussions. According to the wanna-be anarchist and sexual bon vivant, all behaviors must be accepted as valid and equal, lest true tolerance never be achieved. If I think I'm going somewhere where my clothes will be coming off it's usually a Speedo.

One thing I would very much like to do, possibly as a director rather than a performer, is historical pornography. To expand on your line of thinking, if that were some woman doing that for a heterosexual audience none of them would think anything of it either.

Make him do community service on campus or something. A wiped down desk is the least of your worries. As for the statement in the student newspaper, that was not issued on behalf of the university. Bba the chase shower hour video. We live in a society governed by rule of law for a reason, Tim, to protect folks from the predators. Get Queerty Daily Subscribe to Queerty for a daily dose of blogs hawaii hawaiispeedostudent stories and more.

Perry says he is on academic probation because of the video, so he doubts he'll be doing any more of that nature. I have no objection whatsoever to bareback films. I get the exhibitionism thing. Quite frankly, I ended up going to UH as the most obvious option after getting run out of a university in North Dakota for campaigning for reform of their ROTC programs.

This is a matter of perception IMO. Cam Andrew and I are on the same page. And kid, if the only way you can get attention is jerking off in a public university, then you have bigger issues to address than what people write on a blog. This guy was smart enough to get into college?

So childish and idiotic for a 22 year old college student to do. People would rather take a stand on legalizing public sex than show support for two brave gay men.

As i said above, i do not thing this young dumb full of cum guy should be expelled. Byron - Cum x2. Hayden panettiere in panties. Peoples like him are very smart and stupid at the same time. Dink Flamingo of Dirty Bird Pictures noticed the online controversy over that video and invited me to make a series of films with his studio. But whatever I do, I want it to be fun for everyone involved.

He likes to jerk off.

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What is sexy to you about these three fetishes and do you have any others? The University of Hawaii issued a warning stating that you were leaving bodily fluids on desks in classrooms while taking pictures as well as defining your behavior as sexual deviance. Hot and wet lesbian sex. Its effect on my life is a bit difficult to measure.

I hate to break it to this kid, but he apparently needs to focus more on his studies while on campus, and less on his so called "art". August 2, 0. Hawaii speedo student. I much prefer kissing and body contact.

Glad hardly any of the comments are actually defending this moron. After the national attention, Speedo Student's blog went from around 1, views a day to over 15, Like doing a gay porn remake of Howdy Doody.

Anyway The kid is smoking hot and his Xtube videos are blazing. Dick He seems to be shy about showing his butt. Beauty fades, stupid lasts forever. Additionally, I realized there wasn't much adult material out there that involved Speedos, or featured young, swimmer-type guys wearing them, so the blog was also aimed at doing something to make up that deficiency. Tamil girls hot sexy. Most worrying in this respect is the recent AMA vote to support anti-barebacking legislation, a situation which reminds us more than ever that laws are nothing but social prejudices backed by force.

It was indecent, unsanitary…and illegal. The walls are still up, the biases are still in place. A senior at the University of Hawaii is the subject of some controversy and perhaps disciplinary action after taking nude videos and photos of himself stripping down and, well, jerking off in various places throughout campus.

TheProfessor Oh Lord, what a delusional moron. Getting all sqeamish and judgmental about this is not only a distraction, it gives others justification for treating us the same way. To each their own. What does it take to sexually turn you on? AndrewW If he just needs another location …. From all appearances, instead of being genuinely willing to think outside the box, gays simply encase themselves in a different box. Busty big tits. Jerkin off is not criminal.

Bless his curly little head. Jerry Priori Expel him? Look at his xtube video- more asshole than you could imagine. The paper has since retracted those statements, although that did not undo the damage it did by publishing them in the first place.

So began our search for "who is Corbett Harper? How could he do this and not imagine that his folks would end up seeing all his videos when he inevitably got busted at school? For myself, I'll just say that I'm making a considerably better income from doing adult work than I would by taking most of the alternative options available to me, particularly for the amount of work involved.

I got the point about halfway through, I believe. Dorm room sessions, well, you can lock the door and wash your own sheets… but a classroom? TommyOC I want to go to there… …and be his classmate. While I agree he should be punished, i think the university has blown this out of proportion: If you want to talk about cumming on a school desk, fine. You are the distracted one. Does he really think anyone wants to sit on a chair or use a fucking table that has his spooge on it?

This leads into my second point, which is that I continue to be absolutely amazed by the outpouring of intolerance and abusiveness provoked by my departure from normative behavior. If you are going to do something like that — do it from home. Getting stronger every day. What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.

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