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Escort passport 7500 vs 8500

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Kind of like a hunting dog,I let em flush out the cops. Breanne benson bio. Call 1 and ask Valentine Research if you can be put on the waiting list for a returned V1. Escort passport 7500 vs 8500. Find all posts by pdz. StickyCup is easy to use and fits all grades and slopes of automotive windshield glass. I'm glad I got this item and am very happy.

Like them both, but use the in the CLS. Send a private message to bugman. And I transferred it from my car to my wife's for a long road trip we were taking and realized it took some effort to actually get it to come off of my windshield but it did come off cleanly.

However as most Amazon dealers are NOT on their list you are still at risk as this is documented in their MAP policy and in their warranty manual. Find More Posts by shopdog. Escort Passport S Specifications Dimensions: It works exactly as you'd expect it to, and it provides an easy way to quickly mute the detector when it picks up random signals that aren't actually threats.

The heat issue, basically baking your detector in a hot car, voltage spike or dropping it. Ftv naked sex. The first affordable, complete speed and video training system that empowers the modern athlete and coach with the ability to track and share a digital record of their progress.

Luckily, Amazon has a great replacement policy 1 year for automotive parts and is sending a replacement. I live in the mountains at feet, more cold than hot days. This thing wants to stay on the windshield! The gel ring helps the StickyCup provide dramatically improved performance by filling in unseen but otherwise potentially destructive imperfections on the windshield mounting surface.

November 25, Overall this unit isn't bad, but it is definitely getting up there in age. I've been using this now for 5 months and it's awesome! The mount is very small and sleek The mount is VERY solid and the detector has no noticeable shake.

Once again, it appears to be unanimous. My windshield no longer has a ton of suction cup marks. Its nice to know where they are when they are "clocking" you. I saw this had been redesigned and has the sticky suction cup so I ordered it.

The plastic power clip is a RJ74 and you can get one at any Radio Shack. I hate to give up on them have been with them since Cincinnati microwave. Sign up for our newsletter today! Already had the x50 in my cart, glad I read the reviews first. Fat mom sex tubes. Some false alerts on newer blind spot detection systems especially on new Acura, Buick and a handful of GMC models but the alert rarely goes above 2 bars in that situation.

Just enough bulk and rigidity in the product to hold the detector in the desired position.

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I've had two Bel radar detectors and they both started mal functioning after about a year. Tits and ass galleries. Im sure this thread will have abut 15 diff guys swearing by the v1. In reading the replies, it seems like the RX65 is being recommended over the X Patricki Registered User Location: The plastic power clip is a RJ74 and you can get one at any Radio Shack.

Cut in and out and then stopped working December 22, I could always visually see the cop before the detector did. Heat is the 1 killer of all electronic devices and why I recommend in our buyers guide to take your detector off the windshield when parked for extended periods of time.

All the same functionality of the best-selling Ball Coach Radar plus: After a quick, do-it-yourself installation, your device is secured in place with our all metal bracket, where it's easily in view, and won't fall off your windscreen. The long range sensitivity is awesome! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. There aren't that many vehicles that have a more "stiff" ride than a Z06 running in Sport or Track mode, this stays in place very well if you know what in the heck you're doing with the adjustments available to assure it does.

This model offers many of the advanced features of the Passport X50 Blackbut the range doesn't quite equal that of the X But look at other mounting systems as well.

Just does what you bought it for BEST. Also, you have 30 days to try it and if you do not like it return it and get the s7. Bottom line her eyesight could out perform the radar detector.

Call 1 and ask Valentine Research if you can be put on the waiting list for a returned V1.

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So it flies off alot while im driving which is dangerous. Not sure about the S but this is how the compared to the V1 in the year The radar detector is an Escort Passport ix. Escort passport 7500 vs 8500. Urdu sexy story urdu font. Actually stays mounted to windshield May 31, Best windshield mount Radar detector mount I've purchased.

It started to get covered up at 85db and was hard to hear at db. Works Great and a Resonable price. Anyway, let's assume first that both detectors are equal or close to equal - just for argument's sake. Before I drop a few bills on an Escort because that's what I know and have used for years, what can folks tell me about the Beltronics model and how it compares? Escort Passport S Specifications Dimensions: Page 1 of 3. December 15, at 9: Also, I currently have my cobra mounted on the MirrorMount, is there any difference in performance if say the escort is on the MirrorMount vs up against the glass on the suction cup mount?

This thing is fking amazing. Thanked 3 Times in 3 Posts. The mount is VERY solid and the detector I removed the supplied connector and used an add-a-fuse. Obviously I'm very pleased with this product and recommend this to anyone that has a similar placement issue like I "had".

Congrats on the Pro ! November 12, I purchased this mirror mount for my Escort IX. Pictures of big naked tits. Even after having removed it twice now it's still just as sticky as when I opened it. The following errors occurred with your submission.

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Black girl getting fucked by big black dick November 29, Man. This product fixed a major problem in my Corvette, there isn't a good, level spot to put an Escort x50! It gets a lot hotter in other parts of the country.
FOOT FETISH THUMBS It held the detector securely, and the suction cup is large and works great!
Johanna braddy sexy We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. And can someone clarify the relationship between the two companies? I have purchased a x50 and I am very delighted with this speech that I heard from you.

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